Wednesday Apr 24, 2024

How devices are made?

There is a more or less standard cycle for launching a product. Depending on the complexity of the device and the minimum planned quantity, it may change – if less than a thousand pieces are produced, then some stages can be skipped, and when scaling more than 100 thousand, a full cycle will be required. […]

How modern technology is created, and how it will look in the future

Industrial, or industrial, design is the basis of almost all objects that surround us: electronics, cars, furniture, residential high-rise buildings, furniture, ballpoint pens, and even a T-shirt bag at the supermarket checkout. Things do not appear out of thin air – if you hold something in your hands, then someone invented it, designed it, attracted […]

Breaking into a new habit

At Kalico, we appreciate the importance of a healthy work environment and try to maintain healthy work habits as well. One of those important habits is the need to take a daily break. In many industries, breaks play an important and necessary role in our overall health and sanity. However, as essential as it may seem to the daily workflow, taking a break certainly can be hard.

Make A Higher (image) Resolution!

Many of you have probably heard the terms “high resolution” and “low resolution”. If you’ve worked with designers or photographers, and have ever sent anything to a printer, you may actually know what they mean. However, there is a real need to understand the difference between the two, and why they’re important.

Halloween printables

Why not make some fun, creative, spooktacular signs for your Halloween party, or even just to spiff up your office candy jar! We’re happy to share some of our free, Kalico-designed, tested and approved Halloween printables.

Kalico rocks out at the AAFGF American advertising awards

This past weekend we celebrated the rockin’ talents of the advertising and design industry in the Greater Frederick region at the AAF-GF’s American Advertising Awards (formerly known as the ADDYs). With a rock theme complete with live entertainment performing the likes of Twisted Sister, Guns n Roses, and Van Halen (not to mention event collateral created by us—BAM!), needless to say, we had a BLAST!

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