Thursday May 30, 2024

How modern technology is created, and how it will look in the future

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Industrial, or industrial, design is the basis of almost all objects that surround us: electronics, cars, furniture, residential high-rise buildings, furniture, ballpoint pens, and even a T-shirt bag at the supermarket checkout.

Things do not appear out of thin air – if you hold something in your hands, then someone invented it, designed it, attracted investments and produced it with a clear plan of how to recoup the investment and make money on the sale.

The task of design as a process is to satisfy the interests of the end user and the manufacturer, while taking into account the available means of production.

In industrial design, the most difficult and most important thing is to strike a balance. If in architecture, for example, you can afford non-standard solutions, create unique designs for each building, then in industrial design, you always need to keep in mind the need for mass production.

It is also necessary to understand the cost in advance – freedom in the choice of forms and materials is determined primarily by what category the product belongs to, how much it can cost to the consumer, and how much production will cost.

Adam Moritz

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