Monday Oct 03, 2022

Basic knowledge of web designer

Graphic design. Web designers work with color, fonts, photography, illustration, and composition to help bring out a compelling compelling story and identify allergy symptoms.

UX design and interface design. The basics of UX solve projects on the site, taking into account the peculiarities of the user’s psychology – this approach often helps to fall into the basic expectations of customers;

Web design focused on conversion. A website is a system whose problem is to sell. What is important to understand with what actions you can take into account the conversion of the site;
Web development. While some designers limit their site design work, many also take on some of the code, especially front-end development.

Internet Marketing. A web designer works hand in hand with digital marketing (SEO pros, SMM pros, Copywriters and Content marketers). Frontal work sets the content, understanding the context is always a plus one for courage and value.

Working with clients and project management. After the launch of the site, work is just beginning, the development of the site is a separate big job of using conversion with the help of new blocks, improvements, creating graphics and launching new pages. And there are also a lot of mental subtleties in working with a client, which can be taken into account if you approach the organization of work competently.

Adam Moritz

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