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Depth in chart

Flat and static graphics can be more understandable until users get bored. People like to see more live content.

Shadows and layers in graphics give them a 3D effect, add volume and depth, so people can enjoy more realistic images.

This trend can be applied to any element, creating a hierarchy of objects on the screen and helping the user navigate the application more easily.

Dark mode

Dark mode (dark mode, night mode) is one of the most popular design trends that is already widely used.

Developers provide the ability to switch between standard mode and dark mode in apps. So users can choose what they like best.

Dark mode colors the background black/dark and makes fonts and other elements light/white instead.

Dark mode has long been available in the most popular applications, such as Facebook. Switching to dark mode helps people reduce eye strain and make it easier to navigate.


Choosing the right font is an insanely important step in mobile app design. People usually scan content on the Internet without reading the text. Therefore, it is worth using a font that will focus attention.

Designers got bolder and began to use unusual fonts, going beyond the usual. Text no longer looks so boring and doesn’t get lost in the background next to other elements. His task now is to make the design brighter and more original.

Properly selected fonts will help:

  • set the tone and mood;
  • raise brand awareness;
  • improve visual content;
  • improve readability.

However, it should be borne in mind that such solutions are not suitable for every product. To get started, define the function that text carries in your application. If this is an exclusively additional and informational resource, and the focus is shifted to graphics, you should not experiment with dozens of types of fonts. But, for example, in an online magazine, you can play with formats, making the layout more interesting.

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