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UI design trends for 2023

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Video content has overtaken static graphics in popularity in recent years. Just count how much time each of us spends watching TikTok, YouTube and other platforms.

The reason for this is pretty obvious. Video content and animations are more engaging and interactive. Unlike flat pictures with long descriptions, animations keep the user’s attention and make the design more attractive.

With the help of animation, you can highlight important things and place accents. For example, you can animate buttons, icons, transitions to make user interaction with the application better, easier and clearer.

Animation will help emphasize the uniqueness of the product, increase conversions and sales.

Go ahead and work with more complex animation: use interesting transitions, and diversify the approach to animation in general. Fortunately, the direction is very developed, and you can find a real professional.

Gestures instead of buttons

Gestures and screen swipes are what separate mobile devices from computers and make them more accessible. Clicking and pressing buttons is certainly convenient, but swiping is faster, yes, and just a lot more fun.

We spend hours daily browsing and flicking through dozens of apps, scrolling and swiping. Any action is equal to a light touch of one finger.

That is why gestures have become one of the priorities for developers. Many application creators have abandoned the use of buttons altogether. Buttons create clutter and take up too much screen space. Gestures and swiping just help to simplify the interface of mobile applications. And if you add animation from the previous paragraph to them, the application will sparkle with new colors.

A striking example is book applications, they usually use animation to turn pages.

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