Sunday Jun 16, 2024

How to create a game that the whole world will like

Evaluate the conditions for creating a game based on your idea When choosing an idea, the main thing to remember is that its quality implementation is influenced by such factors as time, team size and its professionalism. The less time there is for development, the less experience of the team responsible for the project, the […]

Design Theory and Visual Design

Composition. You need to understand how to lay out websites with organized information using a column grid, vertical rhythm and module, and be able to adapt the design to different screen sizes – create a responsive design.

User Experience (UX)

User experience (UX) design is the science and art of creating products (or websites) that give users the best experience.

Web design focused on conversions

Companies and clients won’t shell out thousands of dollars for a new site just because it’s beautiful. They need top-notch design to deliver business results – in fact, 48% of people indicated that website design is the #1 factor in determining business credibility.

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