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How devices are made?

industrial design

There is a more or less standard cycle for launching a product. Depending on the complexity of the device and the minimum planned quantity, it may change – if less than a thousand pieces are produced, then some stages can be skipped, and when scaling more than 100 thousand, a full cycle will be required.

It all starts with an idea, followed by market research.

It is necessary to assess the demand and find out if something similar is already on sale. It is almost impossible to create something completely new “out of space” – most innovations are combinations of already existing solutions.

After that, an MVP [Minimum Viable Product] or MLP [Minimum Lovable Product] prototype is prepared, which should demonstrate, if not all, but the main functions. It is needed in order to attract investment or get a green light from management. After approval, patent issues need to be settled, and then the main design work begins.

It is the lines – the business does not operate with one device. If you can’t create multiple generations, levels of devices in a family, if you don’t have the funds to produce multiple products, then it’s probably best not to even start. As an example: if you create a phone, it should have several versions with different equipment and several gradations of cost. And all devices must be wrapped in one design language, the brand’s products must be heritable and recognizable.

The unique design language serves to distinguish the brand in the market, to give it a “face”. If you are “another brand” that produces “another device” that is no different, it will be very difficult for you to prove your worth and superiority over competitors.

If you use some kind of corner, all other devices should follow its shape, if some material or texture is used, then they should be traced everywhere.

First of all, the design language is formulated, the appearance and perception of the future line is determined.

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