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What does a web designer do?

The tasks of a web designer depend on their skills and working conditions.

There are three popular scenarios: freelance work, agency work, and state work.

Freelance work

Freelance web designers return a full range of services, depending on their skills and preferences.

In addition to creative work on the site, they also need to work with clients and conduct business development.

The advantage is that you can choose projects, above the desire to work, but freelancing chooses discipline in terms of doing business so that the routine does not eat creativity.

Work in agencies

In busy agencies, web designers don’t have to think about finding clients, but in return they get less freedom in choosing projects.

Agency and team service packages come to the composition of web design projects in the agency.

Work in the state

Web designers usually work on a company’s main site or a small lineup. They may curate a particular module or use a section on a large site.

Many companies use the company’s website as a “customer mission control center” for their online marketing campaigns – a place where they find use to learn more about the company’s services or buy a product.

This means that today’s web designers need serious experience in various aspects of design and online marketing to be successful.

Adam Moritz

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