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How to create a game that the whole world will like

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Evaluate the conditions for creating a game based on your idea

When choosing an idea, the main thing to remember is that its quality implementation is influenced by such factors as time, team size and its professionalism. The less time there is for development, the less experience of the team responsible for the project, the easier the game should be. The best way out is to leave new cool elements and features for future updates.

Got an idea – write it down

Everyone has moments when they can’t think of anything, but there is always the opportunity to return to their old thoughts and learn something from them! Just in case of such moments, write down all the ideas that come to mind. Let them at first glance seem inappropriate or even delusional. Do not tear out sheets, do not erase or cross out. Today the idea seems brilliant, tomorrow you will be disappointed in it, and in another week it can bring you a fortune! You never know what idea will come in handy.

Listen to someone else’s opinion, but wisely

Getting feedback is very important, because over time, the eyes become blurred, and it becomes more and more difficult to distinguish the right decision from the wrong one.

Personally, literally at every stage of development I ask the opinion of others who can either help with advice or are my target audience. Such people will always look at the game with fresh eyes and will be able to give sensible suggestions. But do not listen to everyone in a row: people who are far from the industry are unlikely to give you good advice, but they will insert their inappropriate opinion with pleasure.

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