Monday Aug 08, 2022

Game design: how to start

game design

Every game designer probably has a dozen ideas in reserve that he wants to implement. However, inventing a game is not a difficult task. It’s harder to know if your idea has potential and if it’s worth moving forward with.

Many people think that their game is original, and there is no other like it and there will not be until they implement it. Alas, this is often not the case. There are many different games and applications, in one form or another the idea has already been implemented. I always try to find my “new” idea in the applications of other possibilities and see if it’s really a good idea or if it’s worth sending it to the “spent” folder right away.

Well, the idea, if you are still sure that it is new, then you should not rejoice ahead of time. Making a game like this will most likely be even more difficult, since for the players it will be something completely unusual, never seen before. Most users have already developed their own gaming preferences and it is likely that in a game with innovative gameplay they simply will not want to play, because it does not matter.

Thus, in game development there is no such thing as “beautifying a game” or “beautifying an idea” – developers often take note of game management and, changing some details, release it. However, don’t just copy someone else’s – take a bribe for processing specific to their place and improve them in your game.

No need to reinvent the wheel. Find them in their places.

Adam Moritz

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