Monday Apr 22, 2024

Web design focused on conversions

Companies and clients won’t shell out thousands of dollars for a new site just because it’s beautiful. They need top-notch design to deliver business results – in fact, 48% of people indicated that website design is the #1 factor in determining business credibility.

Web designers simply need to create sites that motivate visitors to take the desired action, from signing up for a mailing list to purchasing a product and providing their contact information.

This means that web designers need to know how to design for conversions—the number of visitors who take targeted actions on a site, such as signing up for a mailing list, purchasing a product, or entering contact information for potential customers.

This is a complex skill, ranging from copywriting attractive text to reducing the number of decisions that visitors need to make.

Here are some web design skills and tools you should learn:

Website design and layout tools. For designers who want to create beautiful and functional websites for clients without the hassle of coding, WordPress plugins like Divi or Beaver Builder can be a great option. Even if your programming experience is limited, you can still create beautiful websites. There are also good website builders like Tilda, Readymag and Webflow.

Graphic design tools. You can quickly create a functional and beautiful website with a team in Figma and Sketch. And Photoshop is now back in the position for which it was born: the development of unique (any expressiveness) brand graphics without creative restrictions.

Tools for prototyping and creating design concepts. Ideal for developing a design concept and clarifying the vision of the project for all team members in every detail. If Figma and Photoshop are holding you back, then InVision Studio helps bring everything to life in great detail and with soft behavior and micro-animations.

Adam Moritz

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