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UX design trends

UX design

UX design is the design of an interface based on user experience and behavior research.

A UX designer studies the needs of users, builds the logic of the interface, conducts prototype tests on the target audience, and draws up a technical task for the UI designer. It is important to understand that the result of UX is not a beautiful and understandable form of the site, but a user path thought out and designed as a working prototype from the entry point to the exit point.

UX copywriting and microtext

Texts on websites are undergoing changes in style, becoming more informal, lively and interesting. The main goal here is an attempt to get closer to the user, enter into a dialogue with him, evoke emotions and get feedback.

To develop a suitable communication style, it is important to know your target audience well, but in general there is a movement towards informality and humor.

Microtext, designed to set a specific tone for a website and build good relationships with users, is also a popular UX design trend. It is also necessary to maintain corporate identity. A striking example is Femme & Fierce, which uses inscriptions on buttons that demonstrate the boldness and audacity of the brand.

Asymmetrical layout and hand-drawn illustrations

Most sites are based on a grid, which is the most popular approach to organizing structure. Yes, this organization makes it easy to focus on key elements, but experiments with asymmetric mesh have been very welcome lately. Many are tired of technology and strict symmetry, wanting to increasingly see unusual shapes and hand-drawn illustrations, fonts, textures and grainy effects on the site

In combination with the competent building of the site architecture from ready-made blocks for the target audience, with their subsequent filling, revealing the USP of the product under the triggers of consumer confidence, such a solution becomes capable of solving the tasks of a small business for the money available to it.

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