Kalico Design

Be Well :: The Benefits of a Morning Routine

I became interested in the idea of developing a morning routine when I started a decorating business last year. Working from home was proving to be a challenge — I found myself distracted by everything from the dog to the dirty dishes in the sink to the novel that I was so close to finishing….

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Biz Talk :: Welcome New Team Members

We are excited to officially welcome our two newest Kalico team members, Laura Rennie and Leigh Caulfield! Laura fills the role of Kalico’s administrative coordinator, while Leigh is the newest addition to our creative team as our junior graphic designer. Laura Rennie graduated from James Madison University with a BA in Media Arts and Design…

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Be Well :: Pack Your Lunch Like a Pro

If you’re like any woman in the world today, your life is a constant cycle of go-go-go. Between work and home-life, it becomes hard to have time to yourself to think, let alone meal prep. When you get home from work, your main focus is dinner, whether for the family, your significant other or for…

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