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Be Well :: One Word for 2017

Each member of the Kalico team chose one word to embrace for 2017. Have you ever done a word-for-the-year? The idea is to pick a theme word that will influence your self and/or others. KIM’S WORD :: FOCUS With so many different distractions coming from all different directions, be it business or personal, it is…

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Biz Talk :: A Customized Kalico Retreat

At Kalico, we’ve starting treating ourselves to a bi-annual “Kalico Retreat.” These retreats provide an opportunity for us to get out of the office and have fun together as a team. Last summer our retreat consisted of horseback riding and eating out in Gettysburg. This time around we reached out to a client of ours…

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Be Well :: Calming Down After a Hectic Morning

Some days you wake up and the birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and your hair does what it wants to. Other days you’re rushing out the door, you drop your yogurt on the floor of your office splattering it everywhere and the fruit cup you just bought at the grocery store has a…

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