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Biz Talk :: A Customized Kalico Retreat

At Kalico, we’ve starting treating ourselves to a bi-annual “Kalico Retreat.” These retreats provide an opportunity for us to get out of the office and have fun together as a team. Last summer our retreat consisted of horseback riding and eating out in Gettysburg. This time around we reached out to a client of ours…

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Biz Talk :: Getting Back “In the Zone” After a Holiday or Vacation

It’s the Monday after Thanksgiving, and Leigh and I are back at work while Kim is soaking in the sun on her Florida vacation. (We’d hate her, but we know she deserves a break!) As much as we enjoy working here at Kalico, it’s hard to come back any job after a long weekend, especially…

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Biz Talk :: What the Heck is a Graphic Designer, Anyway?

Graphic Design impacts more of your everyday life that you probably realize. Every time you read a magazine, surf a website, drive past a billboard, cut a coupon, choose dinner off a menu, or get a greeting card in the mail, you’ve encountered a graphic designer’s work. Graphic designers are responsible for organizing various materials—text,…

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Biz Talk :: Welcome New Team Members

We are excited to officially welcome our two newest Kalico team members, Laura Rennie and Leigh Caulfield! Laura fills the role of Kalico’s administrative coordinator, while Leigh is the newest addition to our creative team as our junior graphic designer. Laura Rennie graduated from James Madison University with a BA in Media Arts and Design…

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Biz Talk :: Kalico Retreat Recap

The Kalico team recently headed to Gettysburg for an afternoon of horseback riding at Nat-a-Del farm, followed by dinner at Appalachian Brewing Company. Both Leigh and I are relatively new hires, and this outing was our first time experiencing a Kalico Retreat. We’re proud to be kept incredibly busy this summer with client projects, but…

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