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Biz Talk :: What the Heck is a Graphic Designer, Anyway?

Graphic Design impacts more of your everyday life that you probably realize. Every time you read a magazine, surf a website, drive past a billboard, cut a coupon, choose dinner off a menu, or get a greeting card in the mail, you’ve encountered a graphic designer’s work.

Graphic designers are responsible for organizing various materials—text, photos, graphics—into a package that is both eye-catching and strategically informative.

Basically, a graphic designer makes a company, product or event look good, while effectively communicating a message to a designated target audience. It’s so much more than just making things look pretty!

So, what does this mean for you? Well, there are several reasons why you should hire a professional designer the next time you have a business, event, product or service you want to promote.

1. Saves Time (and Money, in the long run)
In whatever career field you may be in, you are most likely an expert in that field or business. You’ve perhaps gone to school for your field, taken continuing education courses or been accredited, and/or you have several years of experience. Well, the same goes for a graphic designer.

At Kalico Design, all our designers have graduated from 4-year institutions where they earned a degree in graphic design. We learned the fundamentals of art, design and marketing and know how to combine them to product an effective final outcome (not to mention, of course, how to use the correct computer software and tools, file management and set-up, Pantone color sightseeing, pre-press rules and set-up, and much more)

A graphic designer is skilled in knowing how to create visual materials that will attract your target audience, while conveying your message and information in a thoughtful and easy-to-use final outcome.

By taking advantage of a graphic designers expertise and skill set, you’ll save yourself the time of trying to figure out how to do it yourself, and money by getting it done right the first time.

2. Sets You Apart From The Crowd
A skilled graphic designers will be able to quickly communicate a marketing message to your audience. So, that by seeing a particular visual brand or identity, a client will immediately get a sense for who your company is and what you do or provide—what you’re all about.

Don’t underestimate the importance of a strong visual presentation. An expert graphic designer knows how to manipulate colors, fonts, image and layout strategies to create the best collateral for your company, which represents you to your clients.

We all know there are many resources out there for cheap, DIY design templates, or quick, fast, crowdsourced logos. Don’t fall for it! The golden rule of you get what you pay for definitely applies here. Keep in mind that the DIY, “easy-to-use” templates are available to anyone…even your competition down the street. How does using canned marketing and design set you apart for the crowd and make you stand out? It doesn’t. Plus, how can an off-the-rack logo, or a template really represent you, without getting to actually know you first? It can’t. Your graphic designer will be a partner and team member, getting to know you, your business, and your goals before trying to produce any results.

3. Cuts Through the Clutter
Everyday, we are hit with thousands of marketing and advertising attempts to try to snag our attention. A skilled graphic designer can help make your message stand out, so you’ll be recognized above your competition, so that people start to recognize your brand.

4. Makes You Look Good
Strategic and creative design paired with effective copywriting will make you, your company, and/or your product look more professional, and will, in turn, evoke more of a trust in your audience. An expert designer can elevate your business to a higher level.

5. Helps You Decide What YOU Want
A graphic designer can help you organize your thoughts and help you get a handle on, and narrow down your concepts (or can help brainstorm those concepts), even if you’re not sure what you want the final design to look like. At Kalico, we always sit down with a first-time client to get to know them as individuals, as well as to better understand their business or organization. This helps us to better determine their needs, target markets, problems, and end goals and results. It’s our job to decipher your thoughts and transform them to an organized, results-driven creative outcome.

6. Helps You Think Outside Your Box
Sometimes it’s good to get an outside, objective look at your business’s marketing message. Many business people, especially entrepreneurs, are too close and/or emotionally invested in their own business—often times it’s hard for them to see the business’s marketing and design faults OR strengths. A graphic designer can work with you objectively, and help determine how best to promote the business’s image, products or services.  As designers, we are able to gain the unique perspective both from the business owner’s side, as well as the consumer’s side. And we will use this perspective to your advantage generating effect design for maximum results.

We hope this helps you have a better understanding of how a graphic designer can help you and your business. A lot of business’s think that they cannot afford a designer—but how can you afford NOT to use an expert? In today’s world of constant messaging and visuals, you mUST stay on top of your marketing to stand out from your competition by effectively communicating your message, product and services.

These days, everyone has a computer (or two); but just because you own a computer, that may or may not have some type of layout or design program on it, does NOT mean you’re a graphic designer. It just means you have one of the many tools a graphic designer uses for their craft. It would be like saying if you had a calculator, you could do an accountant’s, if you had a pair of scissors, you could give people haircuts, or if you had a hammer you could build a house. The truth is you could…but would you want to, and would anyone else want you to?