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Biz Talk :: A Customized Kalico Retreat

At Kalico, we’ve starting treating ourselves to a bi-annual “Kalico Retreat.” These retreats provide an opportunity for us to get out of the office and have fun together as a team. Last summer our retreat consisted of horseback riding and eating out in Gettysburg. This time around we reached out to a client of ours — Flourish with Amy Marsh. Amy offers the option to build your own retreat, where you can design a day to best suit your needs as an individual or business. We planned the following:

  • Restorative Yoga and Mindfulness session with Amy
  • Kalico planning session
  • Lunch prepared by Amy and Kerry
  • Meeting with a business coach
  • Kalico goal-setting session

Flourish-BYOBliss-Kalico (56 of 88)-X3 Flourish-BYOBliss-Kalico (75 of 88)-X3

Flourish-BYOBliss-Kalico (67 of 88)-X3 Flourish-BYOBliss-Kalico (25 of 88)-X3

Amy hosted our retreat at her lovely cottage. She introduced us to yoga poses we can do at our work desk, and taught us some breathing and mindfulness practices. Once our session with Amy ended, the Kalico team gathered by the fire and brainstormed ways to better serve and manage our current clients and attract new clients. We also reviewed individual tasks that we want to take on for 2017 and came up with deadlines to keep us accountable.

Amy and Kerry served us a delicious (and beautiful) lunch, which we devoured while catching up with one another and discussing one of our favorite topics — travel destinations!

We met with a business coach in the afternoon and wrapped up the day with goal-setting and a short sound and vibrational healing session to end our retreat. Amy used an ancient Tibetan singing bowl and 900-year-old tingsha bells from a private Asian art collection.

Flourish-BYOBliss-Kalico (87 of 88)-X2

We each left feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready to take on the New Year!

If you’re a business owner and don’t have company retreat days, here are a few reasons to consider implementing them:

  • Boosts morale — Treating your employees to a retreat shows you appreciate them. Who doesn’t love getting out of the office and doing something fun?
  • Encourages creativity — Plan the retreat as a team to get everyone involved. Try a cooking or art class, go bowling or drive to the beach. You might discover hidden talents!
  • Increases productivity — Happy employees are more hard-working (reference this study)
  • Deepens relationships — Employees can go beyond water-cooler talk with one another, plus they can see their boss in a non-stressful environment.
  • Inspires feedback — Invite your team to share their suggestions for improvements, and take some time to set goals and brainstorm ideas.

Plus, five more reasons “Why a Retreat Is Good for Your Business” from Entrepreneur.com.

*Pictures provided by Amy.