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Be Well :: Calming Down After a Hectic Morning

Some days you wake up and the birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and your hair does what it wants to. Other days you’re rushing out the door, you drop your yogurt on the floor of your office splattering it everywhere and the fruit cup you just bought at the grocery store has a hair in it. (Now you have an idea of the type of morning I had).

Starting your workday in a frenzy is less than ideal. The daily events of your job can be stressful enough, so huffing and puffing as you sit at your desk for the first time that morning can make the day even harder. Your morning attitude will set the tone for the rest of the day. If you’re already unsettled, don’t worry! There’s still hope.

Here’s some easy things you can do to take the edge of that hectic morning and get you focused for the day ahead:

Seriously, breathe. Sit down, don’t touch anything, close your eyes, and just take 10 deep breaths. It’s amazing what such a simple action can do for your mind! As a naturally anxious person, this is always my number one go-to when I’m restless. Breathe slow and deep and you’ll probably feel much calmer afterwards.

Play some music that either relaxes you, makes you happy, motivates you, or does all of the above! Everyone has their own likes/dislikes. If classical gets you in zone, play that! If heavy metal is what puts your mind at ease, rock on.

I’m an avid list-maker and find that they help me immensely. If you’ve come into work flustered, take a minute and make a list! Write down what you have to do that day, or all of the things that were bothering you that morning. Writing down your problems or tasks can help you visualize what you need to get done or simply make you realize that what’s been causing you to be stressed out in the first place, really wasn’t so bad!

Food makes us feel good! Eat some. Have a little dark chocolate or some other healthy pick-me-up morning treat. You’ll get a little boost of energy and may feel a bit happier.

Don’t let a bad morning turn into a bad day. With a little positive thinking and a couple of supplementary actions, you can turn your attitude around!